About IHUP

Who is IHUP?

The founder of International HuMan Power (IHUP), Salah Isayyied, is telecommunication engineer with of over 20 years’ experience in the German and international labour market. At IHUP we have in-depth experience in introducing a successful program for recruiting and integrating of high qualified international experts into German companies. We take into consideration the language and intercultural barriers on the one hand and the legal issues, labour laws as well the demands of the German labour market on the other hand.

 We have access to the German labour market and Companies. International HuMan Power provides consultancy services to German companies with regard to recruiting and integrating international expats.

We at IHUP for Consultancy consider ourselves as the bridge between German companies and international jobseekers.




The negative demographic development and the booming economy has put German companies and their government in front of an enormous challenge. This challenge is about finding qualified employees to occupy the open job vacancies and ensuring the business continuity and the future expansion of the companies and the German economy. According to latest German statistic, for each jobless engineer, there are in average 2.5 open vacancies. In certain engineering branches it is 1:3!

Therefore, German companies are looking worldwide for the best expats to fill the shortage of qualified employees in German labour market.

At the same the German government is fully aware of this challenge and of its effect on the German economy and social development. Therefore, the German government introduced the Blue Card and the Jobseeker’s Visa in order to allow international expats to immigrate and work in Germany under certain conditions.

The main conditions to apply for the Blue Card EU are:

  • Employment contract in Germany
  • Appropriate qualification in one of the so called “shortage professions”
  • Recognition of qualification (i.e. a university degree) in Germany

The German language is not necessary to obtain a Blue Card or the Jobseeker’s Visa. However German companies may require knowledge of the German language. Other international companies require English language skills.

*Note: Only Germany embassy can approve and issue the Blue Card and the Jobseeker’s Visa. We have no influence over the application process.


The job application process in Germany is complex and different than in other parts of the world.


In order to find the right job in Germany and successfully apply for it requires in-depth experience of the complex hiring process. Only then you can fulfil all the requirements of the German companies. Applying for a Blue Card or the Jobseeker’s Visa at German embassies also requires that the applicant fulfil all the conditions and provide certain required documents such as the recognition of qualification certificate in Germany.


Many companies on the other hand lack of experience in  hiring international expats and have no knowledge of integrating international expats. This prevents them from accepting job applications from aboard.